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A Guide To All Those Similarly Confusing Bands
by sonnambula14 (sonnambula14)
at June 9th, 2008 (03:49 pm)

I have noticed people tend to get confused between You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses and Bring Me The Horizon for no other reason than that they are all from the UK. I aim to tackle this issue.

You Me At Six. Are from Weybridge, England. They're about to release their first album but have had some cult success with Save it for the Bedroom and If I Were In Your Shoes. A helpful rule of thumb for easy identification is that they all have swept-to-the-side fringes.

Kids In Glass Houses. Are Welsh. Have just released their first album, Smart Casual (the one with the lollipop on it) which features songs such as Give Me What I Want and Easy Tiger. As of 4pm today none of them have a swept-to-the-side fringe. But you know what it's like with these people.

Bring Me The Horizon. Are from Sheffield, which is similar to Weybridge but not as good. Most of them have swept-to-the-side fringes. Have recently been accused of peeing on/near/around fans.